Sensor box with 
one sensor and 
one signal amplifier For:
2 wire 4..20mA Current output 
Working ranges:
+/-2° +/-10° - +/-30° - +/-80° Special working ranges can be made within the ranges  +/- 2° ..... 80°

Now also available in Stainless Steel Housing 

SB1I shown with special bracket and connector

Now also with M12 connector as option.

Special features SB1I



The SB1I sensor box is a pressure-cast aluminum box ( IP65) with integrated sensor for single axis Inclination or for Acceleration measurement.

The SB1I contains an amplifier section with 4…20mA output signal that offers a 2 wire system possibility as well as a separate high-stable power supply section for supplying the actual sensor. The amplifier for the current-loop contains also a low-pass filter for upper frequency limitation. Specific response time constants and maximum current output limitation can also be a part of the custom built unit. Supply noise suppression filtering and diode bridge for uni-polar current loop operation are also a standard part. Sensor and amplifier are galvanic isolated from the housing.

In the SB1I box, the NG type sensor can also be implemented, which means a very high degree of accuracy on the measuring of inclination and an considerably reduced temperature drift over the whole temperature range, this as the highest degree of accuracy of all SEIKA products.


The SB1I is used everywhere, where inclination or acceleration measurements are wanted together with a 4…20mA current loop output. In particular in buildings, mining industry, radar systems, bridges, ships, in agricultural machinery and in all types of process machinery, just name it ! and SB1I can most likely be used there.

Options: Special measuring ranges, test report, Silicone filled housing, custom wiring


SB1I with N & NB3-type Inclinometer - dimensions

There are a lot more possibilities for mounting SEIKA sensors in SB1I Sensor-box, so if you don‘t find your application here, please send us a sketch of how you want to have your box to look like for measuring either Inclination or acceleration, and we will come with our proposal.


Since the supply voltage for the SB1I are obtained from the current loop and the SB1I requires max. 3mA, an input voltage of 9 Volts min. must be present at the connection block. This is also required in order to guarantee correct operation when the highest loop current of approx. 24mA is used.


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